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    Are you looking to reduce the amount of plastic being consumed everyday and start living a more sustainable lifestyle?

    That’s how Peach Living was born!  We too were not that keen on the amount of single use products being consumed at today’s pace.  We also believe that making more sustainable choices shouldn’t break the bank so we’ve created a range of affordable, super simple and functional eco-friendly products that are built to last. Stop wasting money on products that need to be replaced every few months and make the investment in quality, well designed reusable products made only from the most sustainable materials that won’t harm the planet.  Many of our products are not only reusable but are biodegradable and recyclable so you can start your zero waste journey and feel guilt free.

    Ever thought something cool could be made from recycled denim, jean labels or even old tyre tubes?

    Our entire range of homewares has been 100% hand-crafted and made using reclaimed or all natural materials. If you’re looking for a unique stand out piece for your home or a gift for someone special, we could have just the thing you’ve been looking for!  Check out the complete range of sustainable rugs, cushions, ottomans, planters and much more.

    When we ship our products both to retail and wholesale customers we like to use minimal cardboard packaging where possible and we’re proud to partner with Hero Packaging for our smaller parcels using compostable shipping satchels. Wherever we say no to plastic we consider it a win. 

    Remember, buy less - choose well - make it last!  😊

    PS If you’re interested in stocking our products please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you!

    Peach Living x